[Sca-cooks] OK, since we're all kids burning food, here's another one...

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Thu Aug 31 15:38:57 PDT 2006

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adamantius.magister at verizon.net writes:

> Incidentally, you could do all sorts of cool and highly dangerous  
> stuff in big cities, once upon a time, back when people had common  
> sense, took responsibility for their own screw-ups, and fun was  
> legal.

Adamantius, I have just finished Mark Kulansky's "The Big Oyster - History on 
the Half Shell" which records the history of the oyster trade in NYC. Altho 
the oysters are gone, the book still inspires me to visit the Big Oyster again 
(I was only 10 the last time I was there and was, I suspect, too young to 
appreciate it). He doesn't mention mickeys, but once upon a time you could get 
oysters in the strangest places...


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