[Sca-cooks] OK, since we're all kids burning food, here's another one...

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> > Incidentally, you could do all sorts of cool and highly dangerous
> > stuff in big cities, once upon a time, back when people had common
> > sense, took responsibility for their own screw-ups, and fun was
> > legal.
> Adamantius, I have just finished Mark Kulansky's "The Big Oyster - History on
> the Half Shell" which records the history of the oyster trade in NYC. Altho
> the oysters are gone, the book still inspires me to visit the Big Oyster again
> (I was only 10 the last time I was there and was, I suspect, too young to
> appreciate it). He doesn't mention mickeys, but once upon a time you could get
> oysters in the strangest places...
> Renata

Actually, if you're interested, studying the history of the Oyster can
be a real treat ;-) There are pictures from period and slightly post
period about the oyster harvest in England, and the many folkways that
developed, as part of their seasonal harvests. I strongly suspect that
many of the traditions described in The Big Oyster got imported from
England- they were very much a treasured treat there.

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