[Sca-cooks] retraction RE: Simple request of digest people

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Nov 1 03:43:20 PST 2006

I wasn't looking for accuracy. A word or more in the subject line is easier
to identify then a number.
I made a request, not a demand.
Many lists that I am on have made request of non digesters to trim their
posts. I try to be considerate and do so. I'm sorry to hear that my request
is an imposition and requires high tec knowledge to accomplish.
Therefore I will retract my request.


-----Original Message-----
It occurs to me that the problem with that is while it would probably be
possible to stick on top of each digest the subject line most frequently
used in the posts to be included in that digest, there'd
be no guarantee of accuracy, and it wouldn't necessarily be an easy  piece
of programmer fu. Asking for it to be done manually by a live person might
be considered an unreasonable demand on someone's time.
It might be easier to include an introductory abstract of subject lines
(again, with no real guarantee of accuracy) within each digest.

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