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Wed Nov 1 15:23:49 PST 2006

Margaret Rendell wrote:

>Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise passed on the following:
>>And never ever say some stupid crap like, .The restaurant should pay the 
>>servers a living wage so that I don.t have to tip,. and then use that as 
>>an excuse not to leave a tip, because that is a crass bullshit excuse to 
>>just be a tightwad. If you go out with me and say such a thing, guess 
>>what? I won.t go out with you again. End of story.
>mundane inter-kingdom anthropology question: In Australia, the waiters 
>have a mandated (not great, but ok) minimum hourly wage, and we tip for 
>noticeably good service or food. Tipping as a general rule is taking off 
>a bit, but I feel it's mostly a cultural cringe thing ("see, we tip! 
>We're sophisticated too!")
>Is low wages for waitstaff, augmented (hopefully) up to something 
>liveable by tips, standard across the US, or does it vary? Canada? 
>European countries?

Certainly standard in the US and Canada. In some Canadian provinces, 
servers in licensed establishments can be paid at a rate slightly lower 
than the general minimum wage.  In the US, Federal Labour law allows 
"tipped employees"  to be paid very little (ie, half the minimum wage), 
although in some states and localities higher minimums apply.

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