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Sat Nov 11 08:40:09 PST 2006

Hello, Stefan.

Thanks for the welcome.  I actually visit your site fairly frequently.  It is 
an awesome project you've undertaken!

I often refer to the two Guisados files.  Even though I have Vincent Cuenca's 
translation purchased from Poison Pen Press, I like to compare the two before 
I start cooking.  I also printed the fd-Spain-msg to read at my leisure 
because it was so long and I only have dial-up.  I'll have to look for the one on 
sweets, though.

> How about posting the original recipe and your redaction of this  
> Mirrauste of Apples recipe here?
> I'm also always looking for good articles for the Florilegium, and  
> this can often include A&S documentation as well as class handouts,  
> so long as they can stand alone without the actual A&S object or the  
> teacher present.
> Thanks,
>    Stefan

Well, I think my documentation could stand alone.  I wasn't really sure the 
first time around what I was supposed to include.  I actually entered an A&S 
just so a judge would HAVE to give me a solid answer to my "What's in 
documentation?" query.  I included everything that *I* could think of and still found 
out I needed more!!

If anyone wants to read the full-blown documentation, there is a link to it 
off of my webpage (www.geocitites.com/stanza693/stanza.html) or you can get to 
it directly here:  www.geocities.com/stanza693/Mirrauste.doc

If you don't want to mess with any of that, here's the translation I used 
from Vincent Cuenca's book.  (I never did get my hands on the original Spanish 
and I couldn't read the Catalan that's available on the web.)  And, my redaction 

Translation by Cuenca
    Take the sweetest apples and peel off their skins, and cut them into 
fourths; and remove the cores and the seeds, and then bring a pot to boil with as 
much water as you know is needed, and when the water boils add the apples and 
then take well toasted almonds; and grind them in a mortar, thin them with the 
broth from the apples, and force them through a strainer with a large piece 
of bread soaked in the broth from the apples; and all this should come out very 
thick:  and once it is forced through add a good amount of cinnamon and 
sugar; and then set it on the fire to cook and when the sauce boils remove it from 
the fire;  and add the apples that should be well drained of their broth, but 
watch that the apples are not scalded, so that you can prepare serving dishes 
of them; and once they are prepared scatter sugar and cinnamon over them.  And 
here ends the present book.

My Redaction
3 pounds Gala Apples
1 cup Almonds   
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
3 Slices of Bread   
2 Tablespoons Sugar

*   Toast almonds for 15 minutes at 350 degrees to release the natural oils 
and flavor.
*   Lightly toast the bread.
*   Peel, core, and quarter the apples.  Place in a pot of boiling water so 
that the apples are floating freely.  Boil for 15 minutes or until fork tender.
*   In a food processor, combine almonds, toast, 2 cups broth from cooking 
the apples, sugar and cinnamon.  Blend until smooth and slightly watery.
*   Transfer almond mixture to a pan and heat to a boil while stirring 
constantly to prevent from sticking.  Continue boiling until mixture is reduced 
slightly and thickened.
*   Add well-drained apples to almond mixture.
*   Serve this dish warm.

A sus ordenes,
Constanza Marina de Huelva
Barony of Dragonsspine, the Outlands

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