[Sca-cooks] pear juice, pears and Alexander Neckam's 'De naturis rerum'

Sydney Walker Freedman freedmas at stolaf.edu
Sat Nov 11 17:59:28 PST 2006

Fantastic!  I was the one asking about Neckham not too long ago.

>> Very interesting stuff!  Where was this from?  Italy?
> Venantius Fortunatus was born in Italy (i.e. what is Italy today), but
> later on moved to France. Radegundis was born in what is Germany today.
> She was sort of kidnapped and brought to France, where she -- long story
> snipped -- finally founded a monastery, somewhere around Poitiers.
>> Since the word "siceratores" (brewers) is used, are they talking
>> about fermented pear juice (similar to hard cider), or fresh, or both?
> I am not sure. There are some websites out there that take the passage
> from the Capitulare de villis as a source for the history of cidre, apple
> wine, pear wine. The passages in the vita rather indicate a non-alcoholic
> interpretation.
> Speaking of pears, I just found, that Alexander Neckam's 'De naturis
> rerum' is available at:
> http://books.google.com
> Search for "neckam". They have the whole 1863 edition in a downloadable
> file (size 19 MBs). Pears are mentioned on pages 174f and 483. No, it did
> not read the whole thing yet, there is an index.
> Enjoy, Serafina
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Pax Christi,

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