[Sca-cooks] Pennsic Chirurgeon fiasco

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Nov 13 22:16:36 PST 2006

Last Friday, Phlip said:
<<< Yeah, I'm out here. Been mostly focusing on the Pennsic  
Clusterfunction. Either things get straightened out, or I will no
longer either be a member or a Chirurgeon- there is absolutely no
excuse for the way we were treated.>>>

Yep. I seem to remember some promises made by the "people in charge"  
that they would look into releasing the reports on what supposedly  
happened with the personal info removed. I expected that to be done  
by the end of Pennsic. Now it is several months later and I've seen  
nada. From the appearances, it was a "promise" never meant to be kept  
and they were just hoping it would blow over. Rather shameful for  
high ranking members of a Society based on honor and following  
through with what you say you are going to do. There might be a good  
legal reason that the material can't be released, even after the  
censoring, but I've not seen any message detailing that, either.

I do have copies of the initial Pennsic newsletter articles and  
permission to reprint them as well as some of the commentary from the  
Rialto and elsewhere back in August and they will form the basis for  
a Florilegium file in the future.

About all I've seen since August was the brief mention in the minutes  
of the last BoD meeting, that pretty much says the Event Steward  
(although in this case, I think autocrat is the more appropriate  
term, and not using the SCA definition), can do anything they want to  
do at their event.

If there is some more pertinent info being published on the  
Chirurgeon's list or elsewhere, I've not seen it since I'm not on  
that list. I would appreciate forwards of any such messages which  
would help folks understand this fiasco in the future.

Who should probably see about changing the info still on the top page  
of the Florilegium, placed there in the early hours of this  
controversy, when nothing at all was being released.
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