[Sca-cooks] rose-infused oil vs. rose otto?

Sydney Walker Freedman freedmas at stolaf.edu
Tue Nov 14 05:12:14 PST 2006

> Sydney commented:
> <<< I'm wondering if rose oils
> refers to rose-infused oil or actuall rose otto (from what I have
> researched, both were available).>>>
> What is the difference between "rose-infused oil" and "rose otto"? I
> don't think I've heard of the latter. Is the first rose essence which
> has been extracted by soaking rose petals in an oil? And the second
> is the obtained by pressing the oil out of rose petals using weight?
> I assume steaming rose petals and distilling the vapors gets you rose
> water, not rose oil.

Steam distillation gives you rose water and rose essential, i.e. rose
otto.  Rose-infused oil is made by soaking or heating roses in a base oil,
i.e. infusing the base oil with rose essential oil.

> I do have these two files, but neither of these is about rose oil.
> rose-syrup-msg    (10K)  6/24/99    Making rose syrup. It's uses.
> Sources.
> rose-water-msg    (34K) 11/27/00    Where to buy. How to make. Rose-
> water uses.
> Stefan
> Hmmm. We just had a Tournament of the Roses event this last weekend
> and it had an A&S contest featuring roses. I think I just missed an
> opportunity to try making some rose items.
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