[Sca-cooks] rose-infused oil vs. rose otto?

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Tue Nov 14 06:06:01 PST 2006

I think Sydner meant "attar of roses," which is highly concentrated, and
very, very expensive, being, IIRC, actual oil of roses.  "Rose-infused"
would imply an external source of oil, acquiring the rose scent/flavor to
some varying degree (strong or not) through an infusion process.
At least, that's how I interpreted it.

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> Sydney commented:
> <<< I'm wondering if rose oils
> refers to rose-infused oil or actuall rose otto (from what I have
> researched, both were available).>>>
> What is the difference between "rose-infused oil" and "rose otto"? I
> don't think I've heard of the latter. Is the first rose essence which
> has been extracted by soaking rose petals in an oil? And the second
> is the obtained by pressing the oil out of rose petals using weight?
> I assume steaming rose petals and distilling the vapors gets you rose
> water, not rose oil.

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