[Sca-cooks] medicinal foods from the 12th-14th centuries

sera piom serapiom74 at yahoo.it
Wed Nov 15 15:13:05 PST 2006

<< I'm currently collecting medicinal foods from 
the 12th-14th centuries. >>

The 'Summula Musandini' (Incipit summula de preparatione
ciborum et potuum infirmorum, secundum Musandinum) might be 
a source to have a look at. 

If I am not mistaken, it is included in volume 5 (1859) of the
'Collectio Salernitana' of De Renzi, which is online at 

There is -- or will be? -- a new edition, translation and 
commentary, which I have not seen yet:


There are other Salernitan and other medicinal and dietetic
texts which might be relevant as well, given that
food and drink was one of the six non-natural factors of 

Apart form the fact, that we do not have to many cookbooks 
from the 12th to the 14th century, the recipes dealing with 
food for the sick are scarce in early cookbooks. Therefore, it 
might be useful to go through the medicinal and 
dietetic texts as well. They were written in Latin or in 
the vernaculars of said centuries, though.

Let us know, what you find!


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