[Sca-cooks] Hindu Recipe?

CLdyroz@aol.com CLdyroz at aol.com
Wed Nov 15 20:49:51 PST 2006

Well, it is time to start the Holiday Office Parties. 
My office is doing their Thanksgiving get-together next Tuesday. 
We have a new guy in the office who is of Indian extraction and Hindu by 
That means that he is a strict vegetarian and of course, there are those in 
the office who cannot fathom this way of faith or life, and ::sigh:: give him a 
hard time about it. 
He will be bringing the Cranberry Sauce and his own salad to eat. 
I would like to prepare something that would be a welcoming to him, and a 
little bit of an education to us. A sharing of cultures, you might say. 
He is certainly getting an education by being the only male on this 
shift-with 14 southern women (poor little guy-this is his first job out of college)
All of this long history is working up to this; does anyone know of a dish or 
a source, where I can find a fairly easy Hindu/Indian dish, that would also 
work for an ethnically mixed office? Possibly a sweet? (that would go better 
with this crowd then a curry)

Luncheon will be the usual-Turkey, dressing, greens, mac and cheese, pinto 
beans, sweet potatoes (candied, not mashed), cornbread, pecan pie and sweet 
potato pie. You can see why he is planning on mixed green salad for himself....

Thank you!

Planning on baking a pecan pie and...something special

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