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> A sweet that I ran across researching recipes for my ME feast, though
> Mughal, is from India (and IIRC) is actually period...don't have the source
> here at work.  I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds yummy...dried apricots
> stuffed with marzipan.  Very simple...and should be completely vegetarian.
> Also, there is a vegetarian version of samosas (also period, by the bye)
> that's very tasty.  It's a little more complicated to prepare, but you could
> use the ready-made pie dough (Pillbury makes a very good one).  It is a
> savory, but most folks, even those not at all adventurous, seem to like it.
> I don't have the recipe here,  but you could "google" samosas and find one
> online.
> Kiri

Thank you, Kiri. I have both dried apricots and Marzipan available, though 
they were designated for some A&S work later in December....
These and the Samosas sound good, too. 
I think I am going to have a problem deciding, but that is a good problem to 
have, isn't it? <G>



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