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> I guess I may be almost as ignorant as some in your office. Aren't a  
> number of the dishes you mention above vegetarian, or easily made so?  
> Such as the greens, the mac and cheese, the cornbread, the pecan pie  
> and the sweet potato pie? Or by "strict vegetarian" are you ruling  
> out things like milk and cheese?
> Stefan


Traditions die hard, especially in the Kitchen, during the Holidays. 
These recipes are ones that are ages old, and asking someone to cook their 
greens with corn oil instead of fatback would get you at best, a quizzical look 
that says, 'Have you lost your mind?'
You are asking them to change how they have cooked for over 20 to 50 years 
and how their Mothers cooked. Some of these women would react as though you are 
asking them to commit the most horrid form of sacrilege.  
We take our food very seriously, here in the South. 

Mayank has told me that he will eat things containing eggs, because they are 
so prevalent. But, Indian cooking seldom contains eggs. (his words) 
There is no problem with milk or butter. 
One of the women asked him what would happen if he were to accidentally eat 
something with meat or a meat broth in it. He told us that he would have to 
fast for two days and talk with his teacher, during this time.  


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