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Sun Nov 19 14:46:17 PST 2006

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>>>> About a year ago I discovered fresh fennel is a yummy thing, and during
> the cooler months I like to make all sorts of modern soups with it.
>   What do you fine cooks suggest I do with all the extra fronds?  I'm sure
> they are good for something, but I don't need that much for garnishing

Either drying them and holding for later use . . . or I use them in sautees
with leeks or onions as another layer of flavor.  I don't use much as the
flavor is pretty pronounced, but it adds a unique base flavor in mire poix
or boquet garni veggy/herb mixes.  You cold also use in cusines that use
fenugreek . . . not the exact same flavor, but a relative of various
licorice flavored plants.

Drop a little minced fronds (maybe 1/8 tsp per quart) into your tomato
sauces with other herbs and see what it does for you.

niccolo difrancesco

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