[Sca-cooks] galangal

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Sun Nov 19 18:03:32 PST 2006

Try your local Thai deli/Vietnamese deli.  That's where I was able to find
powdered galingale, even here in the wintery wilds of northern Artemisia.
--Maire, also fond of the ginger candies she can get there, and the chili
sauces, and.....

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> Celia commented:
> <<< Auntie Arwen's blend sounds pretty much where I'm trying to
> go, except that I'm also not familiar with galangal.  But I may give
> hers a
> try if I can't figure out my own blend, and see how it works out. >>>
> You might want to just order some of Arwen's blend, at least to try
> it. The catch is the galangal. You can find out more about galangal
> in the link I give below. The trick is getting the galangal into a
> powdered form that can be used in such a spice mixture. Galangal is a
> root and generally when you find it, it will be in large chunks, up
> to about a quarter inch in size. There are a number of reports in the
> file about galangal, because it is very hard, distroying spice
> grinders. I have found galangal in powdered form, once in an oriental
> market. I think that the Pepperer's Guild may sell galangal in
> powdered form since they sell a spice mixture which includes it.

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