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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Nov 19 23:04:33 PST 2006

Bear commented:
  <<< The second URL comments on an apothecary in Barcelona (IIRC)  
selling pepper
for 5 sous per pound and that the price was fairly consistent with  
the price
earlier in the century.  If I'm correct about the coinage, that would  
been the equivalent of the English five silver pennies.  At about the  
time in England, a single sheep sold for about 48 to 50 pence with the
capacity to return that value in wool in one to four years depending  
on the
market.  >>>

I'm a bit confused here.
I think you are saying, 5 sous = 5 English silver pennies.

But how do these silver pennies relate to pence? Or are "pence" the  
same as "pennies"?

Which would mean that a sheep was worth about ten pounds of pepper.

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