[Sca-cooks] Fresh fennel

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Nov 20 06:41:54 PST 2006

It reminds me of celery, Stefan, but with an alien touch to it.  The upper
ends of the stalks are definitely frond-y, kind of like fresh dill weed.
I'm not overly fond of the flavor, but I've used it a few times as a finely
chopped ingredient in something like a vegetarian lasagna, so I can
definitely see using it in other things if one liked the flavor.  I suspect
that if I used it as often as Cordelia, I'd probably try drying the frond
bits thoroughly, and then crumbling them and saving them for future use as
an herb/flavoring (like dill weed).  Not sure how much flavor it
would/wouldn't have in the dried form, but I can imagine that it would be
pleasant in herb breads, or in some chicken or fish dishes, or as a garnish.

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> Cordelia Tosr commented:
>   <<< About a year ago I discovered fresh fennel is a yummy thing, and
> during the cooler months I like to make all sorts of modern soups
> with it.
>     What do you fine cooks suggest I do with all the extra fronds?
> I'm sure they are good for something, but I don't need that much for
> garnishing soup. >>>
> I'm not even sure what fennel looks like, so I can't help you with
> your fronds question.

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