[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Mon Nov 20 10:53:11 PST 2006

On Nov 20, 2006, at 12:04 PM, Michael Gunter wrote:

> Well, it feels like 50 years to me.
> So, what are y'all making for Thanksgiving?

While I'm usually up for almost anything, much of my family is  
relatively unadventurous by my standards, so we tend to see the  
annual gather of The Usual Suspects, with everything of good quality  
but otherwise nothing especially exciting. I'm expecting to arrive at  
my sister's place and carve a brined turkey, this time one I did not  
roast, and I've also been let off my usual mashed potato duty. There  
had been some discussion of what might happen to our culture if I  
were run down by a truck and nobody left on the planet who knew how  
to mash potatoes in exactly that way -- trust me, it's nothing  
exciting, garlic in  the pot and heavy cream instead of milk. So, I  
had to make a great show of Passing the Recipe on to one of my nieces...

Dang, I guess that means I'm gonna get hit by a truck. I've already  
given her the recipe, so I'm now Officially Expendable.

It's not clear to me if anyone has been designated to make gravy, so  
I may find myself doing that, probably by making a rather thick base  
to which turkey pan drippings can be added.

And, as usual, there have been the usual tearful cries for creamed  
onions, which nobody wants to make, and which I usually end up making  
because nobody wants to peel 8,000 little onions, and which three  
people will actually eat, including myself.

Friday, my wife and I will do it all over again on a smaller, but  
more complete, scale at our house.


"S'ils n'ont pas de pain, vous fait-on dire, qu'ils  mangent de la  
brioche!" / "If there's no bread to be had, one has to say, let them  
eat cake!"
     -- attributed to an unnamed noblewoman by Jean-Jacques Rousseau,  
"Confessions", 1782

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     -- Susan Sheybani, assistant to Bush campaign spokesman Terry  
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