[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

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Here's a recipe I find pretty good:

Small Caboges

Goodman of Paris, p. 255, Cariadoc’s cookbook compiliation

Little cabbages which be called sprouts and which be eaten with raw herbs in 
vinegar; and if you have plenty, they are good with the outer leaves removed 
and then… cooked in a little water; and when they be cooked add salt and oil 
and serve them very thick, without water, and put olive oil on them in Lent.

Brussels Sprouts			1 – 10 oz package, frozen or fresh
Vinegar (Cider vinegar)		2 Tbsp
Olive Oil				1 Tbsp
Nutmeg				pinch
Dill					¼ tsp (½ tsp fresh)
Ground mustard			½ tsp
Savory					¼ tsp (½ tsp fresh)

Cook prepared sprouts until done (steam, if possible) and drain.  Add 
remaining ingredients and mix well.  Serve hot.


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>thanksgiving in our own untraditional tradition...
>turkey roasted
>      (i just could not see putting a $6.00 turkey bought
>on saleat 29 cents a lb. into a $25.00 vat of oil
>      not on sale.  the husband pouted but agreed)
>oyster stuffing
>giblet gravy
>baked sweet potatoes (no marshmallow fluff this year...
>brussel sprouts
>home made cranberry sauce
>sauerkraut (cooked with pork, apples, onions, white wine
>and a few dumplings--almost a meal in itself)
>no dessert (he says today... we'll see what he says
>thursday in the heat of battle)
>and the traditional untraditional oyster stew on wednesday
>actually, the brussel sprouts are the only weird thing...
>or at least as my mother would have thought.  i want to
>try dressing them up somehow...
>just two people... left overs for days.  but what's not
>good about toasted turkey-stuffing-cranberry-cheese-tomato
>and mayonaise sammiches. 8)
>it isn't thanksgiving without sauerkraut
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