[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

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 You know you could always splurg and buy the heat wand for turkey stuffing. 
Allows you to do stuffing with none of the worries of nasties.
 Essentialy it`s a hollow stainless steel tube witha  point on one end to 
conduct heat through the bird cooking the stuffing. Don`t have one myself 
but American Kitchens program on the Telly seems to think they work.
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> Kiri said:
> <<We purchased a turkey breast to cook probably on Friday.  Phillip 
> brought
> home the Food Section from the San Francisco Chronicle, and we're going to
> try a couple of the recipes from that...including their version of brined
> turkey.  >>
> I brined turkey for the first time last year.  It was o.k., but I didn't
> enjoy it enough to put the extra effort in on a regular basis.
> I usually take the lazy cook's way out and a) buy a pre-basted turkey then
> b) shove it into a cooking bag until the last 30 minutes then take it out
> for browning.  I've gotten consistently happy results with that formula, 
> so
> think I'm gonna stick with it for the most part.  (Of course, I also 
> <GASP!>
> stuff the bird, but I do the stuffing ahead and make sure it's cool before
> stuffing the bird for safety's sake and guess I just grew up wrong 'cause 
> I
> prefer it that way.)
> Celia
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