[Sca-cooks] Steirbach Holiday Faire

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Tue Nov 21 08:30:28 PST 2006

well, i am back from Steirbach Holiday faire....
Kudos to all, it went off very smoothly.

Sadly, i was allergic to most of the paid lunch provided by the Steirbach
Faire crew.. garlic allergies are a horrible thing,
the Bright Hills Cooks Guild once again saved me and my husband  from the
horrible fate of fast food lunch by providing one of their "light lunches".
Roast lamb, turkey, cheeses, (and more candy than you can imagine) and real
bread.  (I couldnt have the lamb, but my husband did) it was a "light" light
lunch by Bright Hills standards, which means it all fit on one table.
They were sitting outside, in the cold, to give free food to people. now
THAT is service.

I taught one person to spin.  Perhaps it would be better to say i showed one
person how much spinning talent she had. She was already better, at the end
of the event, than i was after weeks of practice.  I plan on saying its
because i am such a great teacher.

i taught two people to knit

I won with my A&S entry.  A dyers notebook, where i had samples of my hand
spun in madder, with different water, mordant, and ph.
i got a fantastic bag for it.  hand painted by Blithe of Wolfhou with a
scene from a manuscript of a Lady and a peddler.
gorgeous work.. and everyone needs a bag!

i would have printed the documentation, but my printer has been being  #*^&*
bad and i had to hand write it.  i am just glad they could read my

In an ideal world the wool samples would be stitched into a fabric
background, and the lables written on the fabric.  maybe i will do that
Kirsten Houseknecht
Fabric Dragon
kirsten at fabricdragon.com

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