[Sca-cooks] The 50th annual SCA-Cooks Thanksgiving list!

JAMES REVELLS sudnserv5 at verizon.net
Tue Nov 21 08:33:38 PST 2006

    The morning will start with getting up early to drive over the mountains 
& through the woods from my new place in Wilmington, VT.  We may stop at the 
Royal Diner for breakfast if they are open.  I am going to spend the rest of 
the morning at my daughters house playing with the grandbabies in Milford, 
NH.  Then my brother & I will go to have dinner at my friends home in Nashua 
(I have been having Thanksgiving with them every year I have been near to NH 
since my divorce, it's become tradition after the first fifteen years) Dawn, 
my daughter has opted out of going to Nancy & Kevin's this year, she wants 
to have it in her new apartment & her mother will be there with her.  After 
dinner we will stop by to have desert with Dawn & the kids, then retrace our 
trip over the mountains.  Nancy is an excellent cook & the meal is always 
enjoyable.  I'll return the favor by cooking Christmas dinner here in 
Wilmington for all, including Dawn & the Grandbabies.
      Nancy usually starts with an appetizer of chopped chicken liver & 
boiled eggs.  For the meal she cooks the traditional turkey with chestnut 
dressing which is very good if totally different from the giblet & cornbread 
dressing I grew up on (she & Kevin are from NYC & I am from the South so our 
traditions aren't exactly the same).  Usually she bakes sweet potatoes 
(sometimes she will make up some cinnamon butter for them), makes her own 
cranberry sauce (with whole berries, chopped pecans, sugar & a little 
brandy) add the gravy & dinner is done.  For her deserts she bakes three 
pies, pumpkin, apple & a bourbon pecan that is really great, & serves them 
warm with a good vanilla ice cream.
    After I get back to the apartment it will be a quick jump into bed so I 
can get up early & walk down to the store to get it open for the big day. 
This weekend will be the first big shopping weekend since we opened & I have 
high hopes for it.  The shop is almost ready, just a few boxes to remove & 
some stock that I have ordered & hasn't showed up yet.  Things from the 
Scandinavian food importer (including a #10 can of Lingonberries for 
Eleanore to use at the Bergental Yule event), the order of old fashion candy 
from Ye Old Pepper Candy Company (including the peppermint & Lemmon 
Gibraltar's the oldest commercial candy produced in America), the order of 
teas from the Metropolitan Tea Company (12 tea bags in a neat little soft 
wood box), the 100% bees wax candles (some of them tapers, some pillars & 
some shaped like pine cones), the order for Scandinavian Christmas ornaments 
& finally a few more shipments of art from various consigners.  The store 
will have all the Christmas decorations done inside & out tomorrow, then I 
will be ready to relax & just enjoy my Thanksgiving.
Jim Revells

Olaf's Plunder

"A Different Kind of Art Gallery & Gift Store"

Open 10 AM to 6 PM
Additional Hours by Appointment


23 West Main Street
Post Office Box 1926
Wilmington, VT 05363

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