[Sca-cooks] Steirbach Holiday Faire

Robin Carroll-Mann rcmann4 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 22 19:31:03 PST 2006

Kirsten Houseknecht wrote:

>well, i am back from Steirbach Holiday faire....
>Kudos to all, it went off very smoothly.
>Sadly, i was allergic to most of the paid lunch provided by the Steirbach
>Faire crew.. garlic allergies are a horrible thing,
Congratulations on your A&S successes (the competition and the spinning 
lesson).  As for the garlic... though I regard it as excellent stuff, I 
would encourage all cooks to remember the wise words of Ruperto de Nola:
"And there are also many who grease it with garlic and oil. But each one 
cooks it according to his appetite. Because there are many lords who do 
not eat garlic and oil, and others who do eat it."


Brighid ni Chiarain
Barony of Settmour Swamp, East Kingdom
Robin Carroll-Mann *** rcmann4 at earthlink.net

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