[Sca-cooks] 12th Night Gift Baskets

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Wed Nov 22 10:38:34 PST 2006

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> I'd love some ideas for 12th Night food oriented gift baskets.

For many years now my 12th Night gift giving has been in the form of 
period-ish edibles. 

I've made sugar plums (see the Floriligium for my article on how) and you'll 
need to start them soon to be ready in January. I've preserved cherries and 
made jams out of Eleanor Fetiplace's Recipt Book. I've candied chesnuts and 
other nuts using not-quite-authentic recipes.  I've given candies citrus peels.

Lately tho I've been giving spices - either supplies of hard-to-find ones or 
various spice mixtures. The Medieval Kitchen has recipes, along with (I think) 
Scully's Early French Cuisine. I've also made my own.

Happy gifting!


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