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On 11/21/06, grizly <grizly at mindspring.com> wrote:
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> > > > >save the money and get an aluminum tube from the hardware store
> (clean
> > well).  Aluminum is incredible heat conductor, and so much less expensive.
> > No point, but that can be fixed by your local armorer/forger with tools
> Why not use a half dozen or so steel skewers pushed in with their ring ends
> sticking out?
> Daniel < < < < <
> Entirely too simple.
> niccolo

Actually, while it would work, it would be less efficient than a steel
or aluminum pipe. Steel transfers heat energy relatively slowly-
that's why I often work on a longish piece on my forge, holding the
steel with bare hands. The pipe would allow the hot air to go inside,
thus only requiring the heat to transfer the thickness of the pipe
(maybe 1/8", max) as opprosed to roughly 2/3 the length of the skewer,
which is several inches (using 2/3 because the other end of the skewer
will be trandferring heat eventually too).

In short, both will work, but the pipe will work much more
efficiently- enough so that it should cut your cooking time by about
10-15% (you're actually using convection).

And, rather than buy the expensive new gadget, or get some poor smith
to narrow the end of a pipe, you can go down to the Dollar store and
buy a metal baster. Take the rubber bulb off, and shove it up the
turkey's, err, I mean insert it into the stuffed turkey.

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