[Sca-cooks] Scents of home

Diane & Micheal Reid dmreid at hfx.eastlink.ca
Thu Nov 23 12:48:35 PST 2006

   Here I sit in the midst of prep work for an EKU of some 90 people. It 
struck me with all the stuff we know that nobody has ever managed to capture 
the sent of home kitchen cooking for a large feast. There is that certian 
something about those scents wafting out of the open window and over the 
open field that just seems to makes people stop and dream. Sitting here 
watching the nieghbors roam back and forth looking in the window from the 
back path to the sniffing of every animal within six blocks. What a powerful 
peace maker that scent would be. Course might be the shot gun proped against 
wall next to the door that keeps them at the fence line as well.
 You all have a good safe weekend where ever you roam to see love ones even 
if they be on telly. 

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