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Thu Nov 23 08:48:27 PST 2006

On 11/21/06, Georgia Foster <jo_foster81 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> hmn ...
> Differences between dressing and stuffing.
> I make stovetop type stuffing.
> For any whole big bird (when I make the big bird) I stuff the cavity with a
> mixture of apples, onions, garlic and celery, all cut to about one-inch
> cubes.  I also stuff the neck cavity with the same mix.  Keeps the bird
> moist, keeps the cavity from collapsing, and adds flavor to the juice that
> then becomes gravy.  I also add apples to the onion, garlic, celery used
> when I cook the innards down to make stock.  I use the stock to make the
> stovetop, and for the Saturday turkey stew.
> just how I do it.  Youy milage may vary
> Cheers
> Malkin

While I usually slow roast my ducks and geese empty, I have a stuffing
I use occasionally for them that also helps dry them out- a mixture of
onions, citrus fruit, and apples. Tossed with some croutons made
outside (preferably lightly sauteed in duck fat) it makes a nice
variant on the traditional bird stuffings.

Currently, we're steaming artichokes for lunch, with some appetizers-
Dreaded, I mean "breaded" Artichoke hearts with Boursin cheese, black
beans wrapped in a half tortilla, asparagus roll ups, and sweet potato
latkes. Nice little box of "white wine" appetizers from Stew

Already rendered the fat from the inside of the duck, fed the cats the
gizzard, the dog the neck, and myself the heart and liver breaded
(simple flour and spices).

Think we'll have sauteed spinach and wild rice for the meal sides.
Thinking about making a cheesecake. Would have yesterday, but the
cable line was down...

Saint Phlip

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Repent as necessary.

Has anyone seen my temper?
I seem to have misplaced it at Stalag XXXV....

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