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Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Fri Nov 24 07:37:31 PST 2006

well, i jazzed up the brussel sprouts thanksgiving with a 
recipe from gourmet.  labor intensive, husband loved it, 
and although it was good, i didn't like it... probably cuz 
it was a pain to make.

basically, you

cut brussel sprouts in half, toss them with olive oil, 
garlic, s/p and roast.  the fresh brussel sprouts burned 
magnificently, but the frozen ones i had on hand worked 
beautifully (thawed)

then in another pan you

saute mushrooms in butter, garlic, thyme, s/p and when 
almost done, add a bit of wine and simmer to create sauce

then in another pan you

fry thinly sliced shallots until crispy (regular oil) then 

then in your dish you

combine the brussel sprouts, mushie mix and scatter the 
crispy shallot rings on top and serve

like i said, labor intensive.  special occasion dish to be 
sure.  this weekend i am trying the roasted sweet potato 
fries/wedges with bacon/scallion vinagrette.  hopefully 
less intense. 8)

obviously finishing washing pans today...

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