[Sca-cooks] Kitab al-wusla ila al-habib - looking for a translation

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Sat Nov 25 15:30:12 PST 2006

> I was looking for a particular recipe and was pointed in the direction of
> the "Kitab al-Wusla ila al-Habib"  Do you know of a translation
> somewhere?
As far as I know, there is no complete translation. 

However, Maxime Rodinson commented on this text in his "Recherches sur les documents arabes relatifs à la cuisine" (1949). For an English translation of the section about "Kitab al-wusla ila al-habib" see Medieval Arab cookery, 2001, page 116ss. It includes a summary of the contents of the work on page 131ss. 

In case you find the recipe in Rodinson's summary of the contents, you might find the recipe in the edition of the text and have someone translate it for you:

Ibn al-Adim, Kamal al-Din Umar ibn Ahmad, Al-wuslah ila al-habib fi wasf al-tayyibat wa-al-tib. Edited and with introduction by Sulayma Mahjub and Durriyah Khatib. Two vols. Aleppo 1988.

You might also want to check the concordance on page 289 of Medieval Arab Cookery, where recipes shared with the book "Kitab al-Wusla ..." are marked by (w) following the recipe title (page 289ss, esp. page 296-299).


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