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Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
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Sorry, but when I did fruit pastes, I poured the fruit sludge/stuff into
plastic-wrap lined cookie sheets that had a good lip on them, almost like a
jelly-roll pan.
I've long wished I had access to some of the boxes and stamps mentioned in
period literature! ;o)
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> OK, this may sound silly, but i don't know what i should be pouring
> my fruit pastes into. I need to keep them about 6 weeks. Most
> "period" recipes say to pour them into boxes, but i don't have a
> handy supply of 16th C. fruit paste boxes around :-)
> I haven't made any fruit pastes yet because i haven't answered this
> If it should be the consensus that plastic is the thing, i don't have
> any, so i'll have to buy some - what's good? AND i'd prefer to keep
> the fruit pastes from direct contact with the plastic. What should i
> line the plastic with that will peel off the fruit paste (and,
> please, not plastic wrap :-)
> Help!
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