[Sca-cooks] FW: Elizabethans using Platina and proper cookware

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Sun Nov 26 18:01:37 PST 2006


	I have about a dozen different pieces of ceramic cookware that I had made
up to resemble those from the City of London digs. I have a 1 qt, a 2qt, a
pipkin, some have "ears, some do not.  I even have a nice ceramic skillet
around somewhere, but it went into hiding (yes, they had Ceramic skillets as
well as the metallic ones you see.  About 1/2 were made in Moscow, Idaho by
Gwen the Potters Mistress Morgaina.  The rest were made by a non-sca
(prefers black powder).  They are all glazed inside as well as outside.
Mistress Morgaina asked since it was evidently done either way in period
depending on what you wanted.  Personally, I want items that I can use, but
also clean thoroughly and put away.  Most pottery made for cooking was used
continuously and stayed "moist" (not damp, or still clay like) after having
been used the first time even though they had been thoroughly fired.
	You might want to come and look at them.  I know we live so terribly far
from each other (grin), but you would certainly be welcome!  I even have a
Medieval "chaffing dish".  An item meant to have coals put into the bottom
and perch the cooking vessel on top to either cook, or to keep warm.
	Elaine and I are having a small Project Night on Wednesdays and everyone is
welcome!  You are of course, welcome any time.  I usually get home by about
5pm and Elaine is usually home at various times of the day.  Give us a call
at the "Hotel Drachenwald" number.  Remember that we screen our calls, so
you have to leave a message :-)
	We also have some fun with period Cooking (one of the things that clinched
'Lanie's Laurel Nomination - You did know about that and have your
reservations for 3M Yule to watch 'Lanie and Katrine Elevated by the Grace
of our much beloved Sovereigns Amalric and Caia, DON'T YOU?????  We also
have a copy or two of Platina around if you need such a thing.
	Anyone else seeing this in the 3M area, be assured that you are welcome at
project night.  Since we are just starting, it is mostly a Ladies Sewing
Circle and (can't say the word in print) Society.  Bring your knowledge and
something to work on.  Usually starts about 6:30 to 7pm and ends around 9:30
or so.
	As to what they might have used to cook with, when we were in the Kitchens
at Hampton Court we noticed very few metal cooking items.  Far more pottery
(glazed and unglazed).

> Greetings from Dame Arwen Lioncourt in AnTir (Portland, Oregon),
> I am seriously considering a run at our Kingdom A&S this year, and I need
> some help.  I want to cook a dish from Platina; Armoured Turnips.

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