[Sca-cooks] FW: Elizabethans using Platina and proper cookware

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 18:29:49 PST 2006

Hey Lady....
I don't suppose you might have (or could take) pictures of those pots you
have, do you?  I'm especially interested in the chafing dish and skillet.

Wish I could be there to see Lainie's elevation...but one trip to the "other
side of the world" is about all I can handle at this time.

Take care...


On 11/26/06, Wanda Pease <wandap at hevanet.com> wrote:
> Arwen,
>         I have about a dozen different pieces of ceramic cookware that I
> had made
> up to resemble those from the City of London digs. I have a 1 qt, a 2qt, a
> pipkin, some have "ears, some do not.  I even have a nice ceramic skillet
> around somewhere, but it went into hiding (yes, they had Ceramic skillets
> as
> well as the metallic ones you see.  About 1/2 were made in Moscow, Idaho
> by
> Gwen the Potters Mistress Morgaina.  The rest were made by a non-sca
> (prefers black powder).  They are all glazed inside as well as outside.
> Mistress Morgaina asked since it was evidently done either way in period
> depending on what you wanted.  Personally, I want items that I can use,
> but
> also clean thoroughly and put away.  Most pottery made for cooking was
> used
> continuously and stayed "moist" (not damp, or still clay like) after
> having
> been used the first time even though they had been thoroughly fired.
>         You might want to come and look at them.  I know we live so
> terribly far
> from each other (grin), but you would certainly be welcome!  I even have a
> Medieval "chaffing dish".  An item meant to have coals put into the bottom
> and perch the cooking vessel on top to either cook, or to keep warm.
>         Elaine and I are having a small Project Night on Wednesdays and
> everyone is
> welcome!  You are of course, welcome any time.  I usually get home by
> about
> 5pm and Elaine is usually home at various times of the day.  Give us a
> call
> at the "Hotel Drachenwald" number.  Remember that we screen our calls, so
> you have to leave a message :-)
>         We also have some fun with period Cooking (one of the things that
> clinched
> 'Lanie's Laurel Nomination - You did know about that and have your
> reservations for 3M Yule to watch 'Lanie and Katrine Elevated by the Grace
> of our much beloved Sovereigns Amalric and Caia, DON'T YOU?????  We also
> have a copy or two of Platina around if you need such a thing.
>         Anyone else seeing this in the 3M area, be assured that you are
> welcome at
> project night.  Since we are just starting, it is mostly a Ladies Sewing
> Circle and (can't say the word in print) Society.  Bring your knowledge
> and
> something to work on.  Usually starts about 6:30 to 7pm and ends around
> 9:30
> or so.
>         As to what they might have used to cook with, when we were in the
> Kitchens
> at Hampton Court we noticed very few metal cooking items.  Far more
> pottery
> (glazed and unglazed).
> Regina/Wanda
> >
> >
> > Greetings from Dame Arwen Lioncourt in AnTir (Portland, Oregon),
> >
> > I am seriously considering a run at our Kingdom A&S this year, and I
> need
> > some help.  I want to cook a dish from Platina; Armoured Turnips.
> >
> >
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