[Sca-cooks] Fruit Paste...

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Sun Nov 26 19:25:55 PST 2006

How odd.  Not that I don't believe you, or question your experience at all.
This is one problem I've never had with the waxed paper things that I have
made in Mumble years.  I wonder if we have been using a different wax paper
brand or I'm just so lazy that my "stuff" is cooler than yours.

Actually that might be the answer.  My mother was a Pharmacist.  When they
went in to completely renovate the hospital where she worked they tore out
the bit marble topped cabinet where she used to roll pills or make salve
(Long Time Ago).  The cold marble would suck up the heat from the candies
before they had time to melt themselves down into the paper!  I haven't made
any must be wrapped candy for a long time and even in Germany I had a marble
cutting board that I could use for candy.  Mostly candies just wrapped
themselves around my hips before they had enough time to get prettied up!
> I can with experience say that waxed paper = really bad idea.  Even if
> you've cooled the paste down somewhat from the temp it reaches by
> the time
> it's boiled down, if it's cool enough to pour, its tendency is to
> melt the
> wax and weld itself quite firmly to the paper base.  It must then
> be picked
> off in little slivers and still leaves a somewhat "papery" product.  I
> suppose if you're trying to raise the fiber content of your diet...but
> still.  *g*  I've done this with homemade turtles, too.
> Take home lesson:  When making candies, stick with parchment paper.
> Femke

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