[Sca-cooks] Platina and Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc aux Marrons (sp?)

JohnKemker john at kemker.org
Sun Nov 26 19:15:09 PST 2006

On the Chef2Chef forums, someone asked about a recipe for Mont Blanc.   
 From what I can gather, it is a dessert using chestnut puree' and  
whipped cream.  One of the websites they referenced in turn claims  
that the first appearance of a recipe similar to Mont Blanc appeared  
in Giovanni Platina's "Honest Cook."  I've looked on the web as best  
as I could to find a reference/translation of the recipe, but haven't  
been able to find one, yet.

Does anyone on the list have a translation of the recipe I could peruse?

--Ld. Cian O'Madadhain

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