[Sca-cooks] Platina and Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc aux Marrons (sp?)

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Ld. Cian O'Madadhain asked:
<<< On the Chef2Chef forums, someone asked about a recipe for Mont  
  From what I can gather, it is a dessert using chestnut puree' and
whipped cream.  One of the websites they referenced in turn claims
that the first appearance of a recipe similar to Mont Blanc appeared
in Giovanni Platina's "Honest Cook."  I've looked on the web as best
as I could to find a reference/translation of the recipe, but haven't
been able to find one, yet.

Does anyone on the list have a translation of the recipe I could  
peruse?  >>>

A medieval recipe for this does not show up for this in the  
Florilegium, however this comment does in the file on chestnuts,
chestnuts-msg     (30K)  3/29/06    Medieval harvesting and use of  
                                        Roasting. Recipes.

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Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Southern California Chestnut resource?

 >Where in southern California would you find chestnuts this time of  
 >Magnus Grehatta is doing a recipe for the Talanque Tourney this  
 >that requires a chestnut paste, and we can't seem to find chestnuts.
 >Surely there is an ethnic grocery or some little place that caters to
 >little old ladies that would have such a thing!  So far the local  
 >food shops have been scoured, the natural food shops, the weird  
food shops,
 >and nobody has chestnuts. Water chesnuts they have aplenty, but not  
 >plain old regular chestnuts!!
 >Maggie MacD.

French. French. French.

Chestnut paste is used in the making of a dessert called a Mont
Blanc. There's a brand in a can - white with brown chestnuts and
green leaves on it - i think it's Clement Faugier. Look in the
gourmet aisle of a good supermarket or in a gourmet shop. Shouldn't
be that hard to find...


If this Mont Blanc is period, I'd love to have the recipe to add to  
this file, and a redaction to go along with it would be even better.  
On the infrequent occasion that I see chestnuts in the grocery, I buy  
some of them. Then they go bad before I get around to finding  
something to do with them and doing it.  :-(

For reviews of the various Platina translations, see this file:
cb-rv-Platina-msg (27K)  1/30/05    Reviews of cookbooks having  
Platina recipes.

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