[Sca-cooks] OT/OOP Hatred of Rachael Ray

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> But then again, let's face it, her show is not aimed toward the high-end
> cooks on this list, but for relative beginners in the kitchen.  When
> assessing a show like this, it pays to remember the target audience.  She's
> like "Barney" to a 3 year old and we're big kids now.
> Selene


This is *exactly* why I like Rachel Ray.  She doesn't do anything more 
complex than cut & chop.  That I can do especially when distracted by two toddlers!! 
 It also helps that her thing is having a whole meal ready in under 30 
minutes.  Believe me, when it is 4:45 and the little ones start trying to raid the 
cupboards for cookies or something else non-nutritious rather than waiting 
until dinner time at 5:15 or NLT 5:30, it is good to know there are things I can 
do in 30 minutes that they will eat!!

Of course, I'm also wanting to *improve* my cooking skills so I am also fond 
of Alton Brown (even with those obnoxious camera angles) because he explains 
things in a way that I can understand plus he's just a little amusing in a 
cheesy sort of way.

the Outlands

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