[Sca-cooks] OT/OOP Hatred of Rachael Ray

grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 27 08:41:40 PST 2006

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> > > > This is *exactly* why I like Rachel Ray.  She doesn't do anything
complex than cut & chop.  That I can do especially when distracted by two
 It also helps that her thing is having a whole meal ready in under 30
minutes.  Believe me, when it is 4:45 and the little ones start trying to
raid the
cupboards for cookies or something else non-nutritious rather than waiting
until dinner time at 5:15 or NLT 5:30, it is good to know there are things I
do in 30 minutes that they will eat!!

Of course, I'm also wanting to *improve* my cooking skills so I am also fond
of Alton Brown (even with those obnoxious camera angles) because he explains
things in a way that I can understand plus he's just a little amusing in a
cheesy sort of way.

the Outlands < < < < < <

When I had the Food Network pretty much at its inception and intro into
Atlanta markets, I enjoyed watching Emeril and some of those early shows,
because they made cookery and food knowledge entertaining and "normal".  As
I got more and more sophisticated in my general and specific
foodstuffs/cookery understanding and learning needs, I found Emeril sort of
trite and less appealing.  I moved on to Alton, Ming Tsai, Mario Batali, and
the Iron Chefs.  Some shows are better than others, but they tend to offer
me more new and challenging techniques and knowledge for what I want to do.

Entertainners like Rachel Ray are attreactive and fun to watch for a few
minutes at a time every now and again, like FoodTV candy.  She and several
others are more like specialty entertainers who appeal to a specific type of
person, and arent intended to be "serious" training chefs to teach us
foodies how to ply our trade better.  They are there to make the cooking
thing more comfortable and entertaining for that audience that seeks them
out.  Even Emeril, I believe, is on live to provide more entertainment and
general exposure to dishes and cusines, plus face time for himself, rather
than serious training ops for potential chefs.

I just look at them all as being broad spectrum people reaching out to
various elements of our society looking for food related programming.  Some
are more annoying than others, and some at more "hottie" than others.  All
draw advertiser dollars and appeal to the various demographics who want to
play around in our food game at different levels.

niccolo difrancesco
(ever notice you NEVER get a stray "butt shot" of Rachel in her shows?  All
the other guys, you get lots of various angles . . . it just struck me one
day when I was surfing at a friend's house that she seems to actively avoid
such angles.)

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