[Sca-cooks] commemoration meals in a 16th century Russian monastery

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Mon Nov 27 16:13:34 PST 2006

Same old thing: you look for one book in an OPAC and you find a different one ...

I found an edition of a Russian manuscript, that was produced around 1581/82. It specifies the annual commemoration meals for the dead/the donators of the monastery. As far as I can see, there are no recipes. But there are the dishes for many days of the year of the Iosif monastery near Volokolamsk, something like 120 kilometers west of Moscow.

The bibliographic information:

Das Speisungsbuch  von Volokolamsk : eine Quelle zur Sozialgeschichte russischer Klöster im 16. Jahrhundert = Kormovaja kniga Iosifo-Volokolamskogo monastyrja / hrsg. und übers. von Ludwig Steindorff. Unter Mitarb. von Rüdiger Koke ... - Köln; Weimar; Wien : Böhlau 1998.
ISBN 3-412-09597-4

The volume includes an introduction, a facsimile of the manuscript, an edition of the 16th century Russian text, and a translation into German.

The food and drinks mentioned include pirogies, noodles, soups, different kinds of kvas, fishes, different kinds of bread, mead, ingredients like pepper, cabbage, etc. etc.


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