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Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
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MMmm...try a thoroughly chewed and drooled catnip slug** under one's bare
feet at 3 a.m.
**Note for Lainie...no actual slugs were harmed in the construction of said
toy, which comprises a 5-6" tube of tough fabric, tied shut at one end (the
feelers), and with a slight slope to the hind end, and a filling of organic
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> ah, a milestone!  my contrary darlings bring me
> grasshoppers in the summer.  i detest grasshoppers.  can't
> stand to look at the little buggers.
> however, the wolfhound loves to munch the catnip mousies
> when she can... the furry rabbit skin kind, and finding no
> creamy raspberry insides (i suppose), spits them out
> again.  ah, to come downstairs in the dark unawares, and
> set thy foot upon a mooshy furry thing...
> the cats lament the loss of the crispy and crackling sound
> when i scream "MOOOUUUUUSE! and the eviserated, smooshy,
> wolfie loved toy goes shplop on the floor....
> cailte
> thoroughly owned
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