[Sca-cooks] Please to announce - Mr. Tad

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 19:51:59 PST 2006

Saint Philip you have just lost you sainthood with this message 
concerning your cat. Of the 13 or more I have had none have ever cut an 
animal in half. They bring me them whole as a prize to demonstrate their 
love for me after killing them in the neck. I have never cooked up their 
prey for the germs they can have. I do praise my cats for protecting me 
and my family. You can't imagine how devastated I was when I found one 
camping out in my beautiful winter slippers during summer and how mouse 
ruined them. Walmart did not exist then nor did Victoria's Secrets. I 
had no money or means to replace them. Anyway  I was pleased my  Mr. 
Tad, my cat then, took care of the situation/. /He was the dearest of 
them all. I still cry over his death but he left me one of his 
daughters, Barbara Bush who has spent more than four months being very 
fat and very lazy caring for me with back problems in bed as she has no 
mice or other problems thanks to him.    
    I am sure I have recipes I could scrape up with a few mice or my 
cats' prey as my area is medieval but personally I would rather leave 
consumption up to Mr. Tad. I think he ate a few before he presented me 
with his prizes and deserved it. Contrary to Miss Barbi he was as skinny 
as a rat for his loyalty to us.
    He was a Tad when brought to our house. But was our a grandee when 
he died a horrible death for being our most dearest provider in his 
fascinating way and my biggest love in the cat world.
    I still miss him terribly in spite of all the love Miss Barbi gives 
us which I certainly treasure.
Saint Phlip wrote:
 > >Have removed the half mouse, and have been praising Miss Fancy to the
 > >roof- we now have an effective, if beginning, hunter in the house  ;-)
 > >
 > >Shall I ask her for her recipe? I'm sure it's Medieval  ;-)

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