[Sca-cooks] Epulario vs. Platina for Armored Turnips AND what shape of cookware?

Steve Berry srberry at teleport.com
Mon Nov 27 21:31:56 PST 2006

Greetings from Dame Arwen Lioncourt,

Thank you all so much for your assistance! So, I went looking for a copy of
Epulario, and I can't find a book version in a west coast library or for
sale (I'm in Portland).  Did I miss something?  I can pop on over to Regina
and 'Lainie's to see their Platina and get advice, but I'd like to present
all versions of the receipt for the competition.

Also, I have decided to use earthenware.  I have not found any square pieces
in the paintings from Campi, Aertsen, and Beuklaer, so I'm assuming I should
use a round or oval piece?  Consensus on lid vs. no lid?  Someone said to
take the lid off to let it brown at the end.  One receipt I found showed
that you cook the turnips in the ashes to soften them, so I'm assuming you
cook the rest of the dish there, too?

Finally, would this dish have been restricted to Ember Day or non-meat days?
Does anyone know?

To Cariadoc, you never knew my father, Master Sion ap Llwydd, but he was
quite inspired by your Miscellany.  He found a great love for creating
feasts in the SCA, and was well-known here in AnTir.  His Armored Turnips
were from your cookbook, and I only hope that I can cook them half as well
as he did.  My dad passed away in 2000, but people still remember his feasts
and when I bring this dish to an event, they remember him.  THANK YOU.

Thank you all for your sage advice.  It's quite thymely.


I'm not sure if it's the same recipe, but in the case I remember all
three sources had a pound of ginger in one of a series of similar
recipes, an ounce in the others.
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