[Sca-cooks] On Cat "Gifts"

Helen Schultz meisterin02 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 08:25:40 PST 2006

I'm lucky enough to not have many mice inside the house, and the cats who own me (now down to only 2 of them, lost my beloved Juliet just last month from hyperthyroidism complication) tend to bring me gifts from the outdoors... things like moles (for which they get lots and lots of praise), chipmunks, bull frogs, field mice, and once in a while a baby rabbit.  I have one cat who used to catch baby chipmunks and proceed to eat them in totality... those bones and the fur must have tickled his gullet, as he usually threw them back up within minutes... thank goodness, it was outside and not on my carpets <grin>.

Phlip, I sure hope your newest cat addition to the family will eventually return all the love you seem to be giving her.

Katarina Helene von Schoenborn, OL

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