[Sca-cooks] Epulario

sera piom serapiom74 at yahoo.it
Tue Nov 28 16:25:39 PST 2006

<< Did I say that it was an Epulario by Rosselli? >>

Given the topic at hand, in my eyes, you did.

I am very sorry, in case I misunderstood your contribution.
I thought we were speaking about the Epulario in the 
tradition of Maestro Martino (attributed to 
Giovanni Rosselli). Weren't we?

In case you were _not_ speaking about the epulario 
attributed to Rosselli, then what connection has 
your remark about the Forni edition of the Del Turco
epulario with the 1598 "Italian banquet", 
we were speaking about? 

Have you read or seen the Giovanni Del Turco text? 
I'm just asking.

I have checked the Del Turco text years ago assuming it 
was in the tradition of the earlier Epulario. But I found 
it is a different text. However, I must confess, I only had 
a quick glance. Therefore, I am open to better insights.


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