[Sca-cooks] Epulario

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue Nov 28 18:34:12 PST 2006

sera piom wrote:
> In case you were _not_ speaking about the epulario 
> attributed to Rosselli, then what connection has 
> your remark about the Forni edition of the Del Turco
> epulario with the 1598 "Italian banquet", 
> we were speaking about? 
I stated " Forni has an edition of one of the Italian Epularios 
available. Del Turco Giovanni: Epulario e segreti vari. Trattati di 
cucina toscana nella Firenze seicentesca (Firenze, 1602)."

Note the author. The description in the Forni writeup indicated
that it was an Epulario. By reading that one could decipher that
it was an Epulario although not the Epulario that people were seeking.
No one had mentioned of course that they were aware that there were a number
of Epularios printed in Italy. 

I really suppose that I should have mentioned that anyone working on this
subject really ought to do themselves a favor and read
Italian Cuisine by Capatti and Montanari to start with.
[Both versions of the Epulario are discussed in it.]

> Have you read or seen the Giovanni Del Turco text? 
> I'm just asking.
But of course. Did you think that I just conjured the book up via the
internet and cited it. I have owned the edition for two plus years. I 
did a major
buy with Forni prior to the Euro becoming outrageous. Maybe it's been 3 
It's here in my Italian pile.
As long timers on this list can attest,
I happen to be a librarian that actually buys books for her own library.
It's an interesting book.


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