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> > > > They tend to cover the basic techniques (and some advanced ones)
in classical French cookery, not so much because this is generally
acknowledged as the greatest cuisine on Earth (although some people
will tell you that, and they may even have a point), but because it's
completely adaptable to just about any professional food-service
situation -- even restaurants that don't serve French food tend to
use some recognizable variant of Escoffier's brigade system, with the
work of the kitchen being divided up and managed largely the same way
since the turn of the 20th century, and possibly as far back as the
1880's. < < < < < <

Master A. and others in the foodservice realm,

What one book best covers, in your opinion, the essentials of managing a
commercial kitchen, layout and techniques/processes.  I could use a general,
best covered manual for this sort of thing as I may need it coming up this
fall.  I know the basic things that work for me, but I'd like to see
something written about the brigade and the structure of the classical

(ain't been classically trained yet)

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