[Sca-cooks] *Sigh* That tomato thing - again

Diane & Micheal Reid dmreid at hfx.eastlink.ca
Mon Oct 2 06:13:48 PDT 2006

  Been through this debate, once or twice, now I simply ask for the recipees 
please, and the date when they were published.
 It is amazzing the things they come up with, cause who knows what some one 
may have in thier closet it might be that manuscript, picture or poem that 
asnwers the question. The forlorn hope wins one once in a while or no one 
would tackle the wall. For me it is a matter of the lack of having common 
recipees more then anything else
 Forlorn hope those people who were first into an enemy fortress after the 
breach in the wall is made.( spelling could be wrong but its early and I 
have not had enough coffee) 

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