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Latakia pie is mentioned in a Jay Ward "Fractured Fairy Tales" story of the Pied Piper.
The story goes that a young man does a good deed for a magic person and is gifted with
a magic pipe that, when blown into, provided the most delicious pies.  The young man
opens a pie shop and becomes a huge success.  Then an old woman enters the shop, thinking
it was a pipe shop, and asks for some latakia.  The pipe undergoes a change and from then
on only produces latakia pies.  Despite the use of tobacco, these pies are an even bigger
success and everyone from the country and the neighboring countries flock to the shop
to purchase latakia pies.  Unfortunately, these pies have a horrible side effect.  When
completely consumed, the persons who ate them disappear.  This story goes on to its usual
punny conclusion.


--- Terry Decker <t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

> Technically, that should be Latakia pie as Latakia refers to the town of 
> Latakia (Syria) famous for Latakia tobacco.  And if you do serve Latakia 
> pie, I might be interested if it doesn't contain Latakia tobacco.
> Bear
> > I wonder how many more people would
> > scream to high heaven if I would make a latakia pie than if I would make a 
> > tomato pie.
> > Sigh... Snerk... Cough...
> >
> > Huette
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