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  You mean like this:
  No discussion about new world foods in Italian cuisine would be complete
without at least mentioning the tomato.  However, despite the ubiquitous
presence of the tomato in Italian cuisine today there is little or no
evidence of it's presence to any meaningful extent in the 16th century.  In
fact the spread in the use of tomatoes in various recipes and most
particularly sauces appears to be strongly linked with the industrialization
of food, particularly the production both of dried pasta and of canned and
peeled tomatoes [8] the later most successfully by the Cirio corporation.
So until the 18th century we have few, if any indications of widespread (or
even spotty) use of the tomato in Italy.  < < < < SNIP > > > >
  Helewyse  < < < < <<

(Making no statement of the veracity or validity of the information in the

That is an example of what I look for in an educated and considered
presentation of the information about a foodstuff.  they way it is
presented, there are all sorts of issues one can take and verify or
reinterpret.  There aren't any absolutes, and there aren't any hsweeping
generalizations . . . . just some that are rooted in interpretation of what
was presented in the found information.

Others may find this sort of presentation tedious and overly stuffy.  There
are definitely simpler ways to present information.  I personally tend to
lean towards prefering the more structured and inclusive ones over the more
verbally presented or the less trackable ones.

niccolo difrancesco

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