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Back during the brief time I smoked a pipe, in the late 1980's, I was very fond of Latakia tobacco, so I was rather startled by this header.  The problem with Latakia tobacco is that, although it tasted sharp and clean, it apparently smelled rather like burning insulation to the non-pipe smoker.  During that time, smoking was still allowed in offices, and I shared a room with several heavy cigarette smokers.  They would ask ME to go outside to smoke my pipe.

I cannot imagine that Latakia pie would actually be very tasty, but then I -can- imagine Jay Ward using the concept.


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>Latakia pie is mentioned in a Jay Ward "Fractured Fairy Tales" story of the Pied Piper.
>The story goes that a young man does a good deed for a magic person and is gifted with
>a magic pipe that, when blown into, provided the most delicious pies.  The young man
>opens a pie shop and becomes a huge success.  Then an old woman enters the shop, thinking
>it was a pipe shop, and asks for some latakia.  The pipe undergoes a change and from then
>on only produces latakia pies.  Despite the use of tobacco, these pies are an even bigger
>success and everyone from the country and the neighboring countries flock to the shop
>to purchase latakia pies.  Unfortunately, these pies have a horrible side effect.  When
>completely consumed, the persons who ate them disappear.  This story goes on to its usual
>punny conclusion.

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