[Sca-cooks] Stray bits of food weirdness, none of them in-period....

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Oct 4 21:49:42 PDT 2006

1. Had it. Came out 2 yrs ago. not bad almost tastes like cheesecake. Sweet.
Worth putting in a chocolate cup and topping with a cherry or better, a
2. Haven't seen the pumpkin Nog.
3. Sounds like you didn't need tickets. :)


-----Original Message-----
> 1.  Seen recently in my grocer's cold food section: Cheesecake flavored
> cream cheese spread....
> 2.  Seen (and purchased) at another grocery store: Pumpkin Nog.  Seasonal
> egg nog, with pumpkin puree in it.  Very tasty, but would be even better
> spiked with rum.
> 3.  And for a completely surreal soundtrack to my dishwashing this
> evening..."Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones, in concert tonight about
> two
> miles from my house.  Clearly audible from my back porch, just off the
> kitchen.  Yes, of course I'm regretting being an adult about my budget,
> and
> not getting a ticket!
> How's everyone else's evening? ;oD
> --Maire, feeling chatty and strange at the same time....

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